Brief Culinary Journey Of Paris

Before going to Paris, I could only fantasize about the delicious food I’d get when I arrived. Now, I’m here to share a real world take on what the food is like and how to eat on a budget, for the most part. 😉 *French Tip: ordering in French is easier than you think. A key phrase…

Father’s Day!

As you are probably aware, Sunday is Father’s Day! Most of the US is doing something in relation to their fathers, celebrating the life and relationship they have crafted over years.

Then there are people like me who have never celebrated it and have no experience with it. I never knew my father so instead, I took the opportunity to find out what people do around the world to honor their fathers.

Father’s Day started in the states around 1910. It took until 1972 to get it a legal holiday! Now it’s a time we cherish, but we’re not the only ones. In this video, I explore the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, and Iran. Some are very similar, some are quite not, and it might surprise you which is which.

What are your Father’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear from anyone who celebrates the holiday!


As you may have heard, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has found a new medium by which to gain your attention and give you a message.

That medium would be the porn industry. Their new website,, is meant to draw you in. They use the idea that sex sells to get people to see the wrongs being committed against animals and how you should be vegetarian.

In case you are unaware, PETA has a very controversial role in American culture (I’m not sure if PETA exists the same as it does here in other countries). They will throw red paint on your fur coat or have a smear campaign in the press if you wear real leather. Their tactics are well documented. Many people have a strong opinion of them, either love or hate. Many people agree with their message but don’t appreciate the way they go about getting the word out. From my experience, when you throw your opinions/beliefs/feelings in people’s faces, you don’t get a welcoming hug. It can be viewed as offensive how they go about their business and therefore people don’t want to hear what they have to say – no matter how relevant and true it is.

The truth actually is quite important. Animals are very mistreated by their caretakers and big corporations such as Tyson exploit them. I saw a documentary recently about how the chickens are kept in dark spaces and are not allowed to be outside. This is sad to me. Just because they are going to be eaten doesn’t mean we should treat them so terribly. I have seen sick cows being chained and dragged by forklift into a warehouse where it will be taken to the slaughter house. I have seen chickens that have been fed so many hormones that they are unable to walk and just get fat. The list goes on and on. It’s almost a scary thought to eat meat if you don’t know where it’s from or how it is treated. I wish something could be done to ensure this is not reality for the animals.

With this being said, I understand why PETA gets so heated. There is a lot there to be angry about. People do need to be aware of what’s going on with the food they eat. No one should turn a blind eye towards anything that is suffering.

This is why the website makes sense. There is not anything seriously inappropriate on the XXX website. The most naked thing on there was half a butt. The private parts are covered with signs such as “You can have too much sex…….. spay and neuter your cats and dogs!”. Under the “Hardcore Videos” tab, there are videos of animals being mistreated such as an elephant being beaten with a rod. People perhaps going to the website to look at free porn will soon find out that that is not at all what the website is about.

Have you been? Do you agree with PETA and their ways of spreading the word?