4 Upcoming Disney Features To See In Theaters

Not every Disney film is animated, but that doesn’t mean they are any less magical. 

Since 2020, moviegoers have been moving like molasses when it comes to getting back in theaters. Thanks to the lockdowns, fans of entertainment were forced to rethink the best ways to access new content. With the influx of movies debuting on streaming services, many gave up overpriced snacks for the comfort of their own couches. 

Like other big studios, Disney has a schedule intended to interest all ages to once again have a movie night out. In 2023, there are four releases that just might be the motivation audiences need.

The Little Mermaid – May 

The long-awaited, live-action mermaid tale has been a planned production since 2016. The casting caused some unwarranted controversy, but it hasn’t deterred excitement for the film.

Anyone who saw the original 1989 release as a child will be delighted at the character list. Unlike the live version of Mulan, all of the memorable personalities will be accompanying Ariel on her journey to the prince and back. 

Most of The Little Mermaid’s family and friends will be slightly tweaked and modernized. However, there will be a few even bigger changes. One such example is Scuttle. The seagull full of misinformation was voiced by a man in the animated version. In 2023, Awkwafina is taking Scuttle’s sound in a different direction.

Elemental – June

Everyone in time to slide on their 3D glasses for previews ahead of the new Avatar got to experience a glimpse at Elemental. The trailer follows a hooded flame as she navigates her way through a bus full of other elements from nature. 

This film is an example of personification that is relatable and can appeal to a wider age range. Think Inside Out, where emotions were the main characters.

Elemental is expected to be a touching tribute to seemingly insurmountable odds. The story centers around two elements, fire and water, who can only interact at a distance. 

Haunted Mansion – August

It’s not every day that a movie is referred to as a supernatural horror comedy, but that’s what the Haunted Mansion is. Don’t worry, it’s not the mother doing the haunting. In a less morbid turn for Disney, the child in this story has his mom in one piece. 

The duo set out to live in a supersized home at a suspiciously low price in New Orleans. It doesn’t take long before it’s obvious that they aren’t the only ones taking advantage of a good thing. 

From then on, a series of characters come in to remedy their ghostly situation. The studio pulled out all the stops to get an all-star cast. Seeing a slew of wildly varied personalities coming together should be interesting, to say the least.

Wish – November

Anyone who grew up with Disney would be well aware of the importance stars have in many of the classics. After all, it was in Pinocchio that wishing upon a star made dreams come true and Peter Pan used stars to find Neverland.

Viewers get to see a star come to life with a touch of humanity in Wish. A young girl, Asha, calls on the stars to help her town. Of course, she has an animal sidekick. In this story, it’s a goat named Valentino. He may not be as funny as a talking llama, but he definitely is twice as cute. The Asha-Valentino combo might be all the inspiration necessary for audiences to get the car keys.

Which Disney feature are you most excited about in 2023?

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