5 Hot Tub Exercises

If you’re like me, you filter hotel results based off if there is a hot tub or not. There may be those who deny your need for a relaxing stay in a hot tub, but I say there’s more to that warm bubbling goodness than meets the eye. During my most recent trip to McCurtain County, Oklahoma, I stayed in a cabin that was so disconnected from the world that I had to drive 10 minutes to even get reception on my phone, much less WIFI (which I accidentally didn’t have). The cabin in Heartpine Hollow came with a quiet spot in the woods and a hot tub on the porch. I have romanticized all year the idea of it being chilly outside and I’m submerged in a hot watery hug just watching nature. That’s exactly what I did this week. But how can I justify spending so much time in the water? Developing ways to maximize my time, that’s how. Here are some moves I tried out in the tub of happiness.

*It should be noted for safety that the hot tub you are using should be properly installed and secure. The hot tub I used was enough for 4 adults to sit.


  1. The Twist
    1. For this move, I anchored myself to the side with my arms holding onto the corner. Stomach down, I stretched my legs all the way out. Using my abs, I gently twisted my body from one side to the other, holding the position for 5 seconds. 5 reps each side.
  2. The Pull
    1. Flip over from The Twist and now float on your backside. Use the sides of the hot tub to hold yourself in place. Then, use your abs to pull your knees up towards your chest and hold for 5 seconds. Extend back out and repeat. 10 reps.
  3. Plank
    1. With dry hands and a firm grip, hold onto the corner while bringing your feet out of the water to rest on the opposite corner. You should be floating stomach down in the water using your appendages to keep you straight. Hold for 1 minute.
  4. Cobra Pose
    1. Coming in from Plank, bring your legs back in the hot tub. Now, arch your back under the water, letting your body sink. If feeling extra flexible, bend your legs at the knees at the same time while keeping head above water. Hold for 10 seconds.
  5. Scissors
    1. Using both hands to hold yourself in place, turn to float on your side and stretch out. Extend your top leg up and hold for 3 seconds then back down. 10 reps each side.

Now, you have a workout routine that will enable you to stay in the water longer and really get the benefits from exercise in the water – which is really good for your muscles and overall workout. Of course, this is all after you’ve enjoyed yourself and need reasons to not get out.


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